Private Gardens


“There are several different ways in which to lay out a little garden; the best way is to employ a gardener.”
Karel Čapek

First meeting and Project

Contact us when you have a project of your dream garden, but even if you do not yet know the form of your paradise. At the first (free) meeting, we will recommend the next steps to suit your needs and options.

Terrain work

A garden is a living system based on soil. Everything depends on the soil, its quality, its structure - whether the plants will thrive, how the garden will look after in 10-15 years.


Technical solutions, pools . . .

. . . stone walls, wooden terraces, paths of various materials, swings, fireplace. . .



We choose plants with care at well-established nurseries. We will also plant grown trees. The right choice of assortment is essential for the resulting effect and for minimizing the cost of future garden maintenance.

For the idea of ​​setting up your garden we recommend that you look at PRIVATE GARDEN PORTFOLIO and PORTFOLIO PUBLIC SPACE
For your inspiration take a look at our gardens or swimming pools.
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