Planting of grown trees

We provide planting of mature trees and bushes from carefully chosen foreign nurseries to planting and aftercare. The range of products we can offer contains variety of plants with various scale, shapes and sizes from the smallest to the largest. Trees are from 30 to 40 years old on average, and are regularly prepared for the process of transplanting. By planting large trees, we can achieve an instant effect that you would normally have to wait decades for.


Personal choice

We provide a choice of trees directly from nurseries in Germany or Netherlands, where we cooperate with local tree nurseries.



We provide transport of large and semi-mature trees straight to site.


The planting is often completed with the help of a crane or other machinery. We provide everything from preparation of excavations to planting and anchoring of trees.

Proper aftercare

Proper aftercare is the way to ensure successful adaptation of the tree to its new site. Correctly adjusted watering and other operations are crucial for the first 2-5 years after the planting.

By planting a grown-up tree you purchase both history and future at the same time. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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