Garden with Japanese inspiration

A garden by a beautiful wooden building on the very edge of Liberec city.

Location: Liberec Region

Design: Atelier IN-SITE

Year: 2016

Area: approximately 1.200m2

Number of plants: over 3000

Completed elements: adjustment of terrain, wooden constructions (composter, raised flowerbeds), work with stone (supportive walls), water elements and irrigation

A family garden near Liberec was completed right after the house was built. A very important and essential part of the design was the landscaping that divides the space into individual terraces. In the garden, there is a hidden small pond and a gazebo (tea house), in the front part there is woodshed and raised flowerbeds. Outdoor living space is extended by a roof garden with a wooden deck. The owners have a strong relationship to the garden which is the key to success and good maintenance.
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