Garden with bathing pond

Beautiful garden near Prague not originally with a pond. But eventually, the bathing pond was created, and unlike a traditional swimming pool, it brings the owners joy throughout the whole year.

Location: Central Bohemian Region

Design: Atelier IN-SITE

Year: 2016

Area: approximately 900m2

Number of plants: 3.810

Completed elements: terrain works, plantings, wooden constructions (swing, composter, raised flower beds, seating by the fire), work with stone (supporting walls, fireplace), water elements (type IV bathing pond, garden faucet), irrigation


We have created this modern and stylish garden with views of the surrounding hills and Prague. The central element is a bathing pond with two wooden decks.

The first stage included drainage and terrain works. These gave the space a structure and organized look so that the residential potential was increased and the nearby road was screened. An original birch tree was complemented by a flowerbed on the hillside. Our joiner supplied a swing made of massive oak beams and seating beams around the fireplace.

Other spaces of the garden are designed as an orchard and a production garden with mulberries and other fruit trees. This part of the garden is also adapted for less intensive maintenance than the residential lawn in front of the house.

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