Bathing ponds and bio- swimming pools

We create bathing and bio- swimming pools and ponds to the highest possible quality and with particular emphasis on detail. We use nature-friendly technology Hydrobalance®, which is based on natural processes and does not require added chemicals.


Clear water

Aesthetics are not the only consideration when designing bathing ponds. They can also be a practical solution in times of higher temperature extremes and decreasing biodiversity.


Proven Hydrobalance® technologies are used to clean water using biological processes supported by technological measures.


Bathing ponds (cat. I – III) are based on the model of non-flowing water with plants. Bio- swimming pools (cat. IV and V) use the model of flowing water and don’t demand cleaning.

From project design to completion

We like to cooperate on the design of water elements from early project stages. This way we avoid unnecessary mistakes and misunderstandings regarding the possibilities of the technology.



Did you know that…

- even a very small water area (for example a drinking pond) will attract a lot of wildlife, which will provide you with a show better than any TV program?

- unlike a pool, a bathing pond can be also fun in wintertime?

- no paradise has ever been designed without the element of water. Water is a symbol of life and regeneration.


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